Rosh Marketing Unveils Its New Wines
Dec 2017

Rosh Marketing Co. Ltd. Admin

Rosh Marketing Unveils Its New Wines

A saxophonist created sweet music with his instrument inside Mystic Thai, Fairview, last Friday night, signalling new beginnings at the Asian-themed restaurant.

On the outside in an exquisite tent, Montego Bay's socialites, sipped from glasses filled with sparkling RosÈ Cavalier, and Duc de Paris Brut - a white wine which can be had as an aperitif or paired with seafood dishes and light salads, played host to the palate.

Both wines, distributed by Rosh Marketing, are new to Jamaica and have reserved their spot on Mystic Thai's 2018 wine list. If last Friday's response was any indication, they will do exceptionally well. The RosÈ seemed the most popular of the two, with enthused wine connoisseur describing it as: "a nice pink rose with bright glints".

Rosh Ramchandani, the local distributor, was obviously excited by the response, and in his interview with Today spoke of the warm fruity nose of the wines, which has good vinosity (the character and flavour of a wine).

"Subtle marriage of effervescence with colouring materials. Nice persistence in the mouth and a harmonious sensation of sugar, lending acidity," was how he described the wine as he drank with fervour.

To go with the newbies, Mystic Thai's Kareena Mahbubani served pork belly skewers, quinoa tikki, rang dang chicken, and stiffed basil mushroom.

Not only were the taste buds satiated with fine wines and great food, but the atmosphere was perfect for a repeat.